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was felt that the coverage of natural leather is best suited to a soccer ball.However, it is not.Leather Ball will serve not so long because of the properties of the skin to stretch over time.As a result, the inside gets wet and dust, which greatly increase the weight of the game.The ball becomes more oval shape.

considered the best cover polyurethane - a synthetic skin substitute.It is strong and durable material, which does not have the drawbacks of natural leather.Quality polyurethane largely affects the cost of the ball.Soccer balls for the world championships are made of high quality polyurethane.

PVC - less quality coverage.It is used in the manufacture of balls of medium and low quality.It can serve a long time, but it does have one drawback.When wet PVC becomes very slippery.Play with the ball in the rain uncomforta


usually for making a layered lining the soccer ball using foam and fabric.Thanks to them, the ball becomes soft and supple, it is much easier to manage and give passes.But over time, this lining will absorb moisture, making the ball heavy and significantly affect its aerodynamics.Modern top producers refuse layered pad to the cotton fibers treated with a polyurethane resin.This material repels water and provides a soft ball.


chambers footballs are made of latex and butyl.Professional players prefer latex camera, they are very lightweight and provide the correct flight path.From butyl produced camera for the average value of the ball.It keeps well the air, but much heavier weight latex.In the professional game, the extra weight of the ball can cause a miss.Valves for all chambers are made of butyl.


Making football plays a crucial role in its aerodynamic properties.It decorate with special five- and hexagonal panels (professional ball has 32 panels).Depending on their number vary the aerodynamic characteristics of the ball.For a variety of needs using a different number of panels.

On some models, you will notice balls icon that says IMS.This means that they have been tested and the International Football Association recommended to the professional game.