Tip 1: How to choose football shoes

Soccer engaged not only in Brazil and some professionals like Argentine Messi Shirokov or Russians.But the first thing is to make every player before going out on the field, is to choose the right home for this sports game shoes - shoes with spikes.

And is it necessary?

first question that the future buyer will have to answer: "They really need me?" Yes, to play professional football boots on the grass lawn is very comfortable and pleasant.Unless, of course, playing constantly, and not just about once in five years.And do not use them on the artificial turf, the ground or the yard pavement, where such specific shoes will quickly become unusable.

So shoes should be selected based on, first of all, from the cover, which are going to play.And if your company has rented for the "Football Fridays" artificial field, it more suitable for the "centipede" with a lot of small spikes.And do not those in which "runs itself Messi."

Look on the shelf

Buy shoes can be anywhere.But it is better to do it in reta
il stores that sell quality German or Italian football shape.Yes, shoes that are sold there, are much more expensive than the usual "sporting goods".But they certainly last longer and will save from injury.Plus, the "football" store permissible count on the help of the seller and the opportunity to quietly try on a dozen models.And get a guarantee that the purchase is not a cheap knockoff.

size, more size!

Pick up shoes to be very careful, it is best with the help of professionals.So, if the boots made of genuine leather, it is important to avoid stiffness as the legs, and their chatter in the boot.So never hesitate merte to the finish.After all, the main task of the seller is the sale of vending goods you, not help getting injured.

pros also recommend that, if chosen for cheaper boots made of artificial leather, buy a model half a size larger.After the foot swells during the game, and synthetic leather does not stretch.

In search kangaroo

material of which are made boots, deserves no less attention than their size.Besides artificial football boot upper can be manufactured from several types of leather.This naturally affects the price of the shoe.

The most common materials used for sewing is not the most expensive boots are considered as strong and good stretch as calf leather and microfiber.But the most common, as well as the most expensive shoes are made of kangaroo leather.However, they are mostly distributed among the real masters of football.

Tip 2: How to choose boots

Special shoes for the game of football today is in demand not only professional athletes, but also those who can not imagine life without regular training and matches.However, the pick-quality shoes is not always easy to buy shoes for football, you must consider several factors.
How to choose shoes
boots have several names - "football boots", "bump", "Gym shoes" and not only.This shoe is designed to protect the foot while playing soccer.In addition, the boots much easier to run on the grass.These shoes allow you to distribute the load and keep the player from injury.

What are the boots

shoes designed for playing football on different types of surfaces - grass or clay, synthetic or natural surface.There are also shoes, started to play on a smooth floor - in sports halls. Experts recommend buying shoes in retail stores - there are going to guarantee, in addition, it is possible to compare several models and get more advice.

boots may have a different number of spikes on the sole, and these elements may be different in form.On the type of shoes tell labeling, are the main models:
- MG or multigrunt - boots with 24 spikes.The model is more appropriate for infrequent training for children.These shoes will be the best choice for playing on a solid field, in which the pressure is evenly distributed, so the athlete will feel comfortable for a long time;
- SG - boots with 8 or 6 studs.Special models are suitable for playing in the rain or on a soft surface.Football boots with this label have round studs fitted with metal tips.This special shoes may be used only by older players, because the model is firmly wraps the foot, which can lead to flat feet in children.
- FG - almost universal boots with 13 or 12 classical spikes.They can play on the grass, synthetic, solid field.
But there are other models of boots, so when choosing footwear for football, be sure to consult with a specialist shop.

Criteria for selection of shoes for football

Manufacturers today resort to various marketing moves, trying to make their products popular.Including offering of boots with non-standard materials.Modern football shoes sewn from kangaroo leather, microfiber, synthetic, calf leather.It should be well-fitting shoes foot to provide comfort, these tasks are best leather handles.Material for boots held a special treatment, resulting in the skin becomes soft and supple. on boots do not need to save, but we should not strive to choose the most expensive model - shoes quickly erased from frequent workouts and games.Focus on their financial capabilities.
There are also models with shock absorbers, asymmetric lacing, a long tongue, and other features that are designed to present the player with ease.In any case, you must carefully choose the shoes, not to run with low quality product.If you're staying on the model of synthetics, you need to buy shoes half a size larger, because the material does not stretch, and stop when the load will swell.The child, too, is to take the boots a little larger, but they should be close-fitting leg to prevent injuries.