ball in their hands or using shots teammates moved in the direction of the points zone, which is located on the side of the enemy.Points are earned in various ways: the movement of the ball in the points zone, and the ball hit him over the crossbar.Triumphs is the team that scored the most points.
Learn the rules of the game.Match duration is sixty minutes.This four periods of fifteen minutes.The period of the game called "quarters".The game is stopped only when the ball left the playing field, and passed to the other team, and the ball was not caught.If suddenly at the end of the game the score remained even, extra time (fifteen minutes).The winner will be announced on the team that first earn points.
goal of the game - th
rowing balls to the opposing team.In the attack seven players.They are located on the line drawing.At the beginning, none of the attacks should not move.The exception is a single player.It can move at the time of the drawing along the line of attack.The rest - only to take the ball.At the time of its loss can fight for it all the players.
People protection should not attack the opposing player to take the ball.They can not attack the passer and cross the line of attack during the rally.
receiving team must take and return the ball.People are trying to prevent the attack opponents.The receiving team may signal that they will not return the ball.At this point the drawing ends.Just above the team can take the ball.Then, it is set at the point where he was sent.