Tip 1: How to join the football club

Football Club - a sports organization, which consists of two parts.One of them - the administration and staff.The second - the club owned professional team, consisting of players, coaches and support staff such as doctors, therapists, and administrators, as well as the players, coaches and managers of junior school.Become a member of the club can be in three cases: to get back to work, contract player and go to school.
you need
  • - a statement about the desire to work as an employee of FC, a football club, coach or player;
  • - for admission to the club Youth, youth sports school;
  • - a passport, birth certificate or other document, which is an identity card;
  • - a medical certificate;
  • - documents on education, including special (for example, the end of the High School coaches and Agricultural Academy);
  • - employment history;
  • - photos for club membership cards;
  • - contract player or a coach.
Nestling in the football club, say, a bus driver, coach junior school or agronomist stadium w
ith a natural grass surface, pre-find not only the existence of the vacancy and the special requirementsits competitors.Among the latter may be, for example, the ability to play football, readiness for frequent business trips and need adjusting to the seasonal calendar of games, work in the public holidays and evenings.
Prepare your resume in advance and rehearse answers to potential questions club president or general manager.Without the passage of this mandatory procedure to obtain the vacant position an employee club administration is almost impossible.With the coaches, as well as with the leaders and coaches of children's school, contracted.
Deciding to become a student club Youth, you need to come to the club owned the stadium on the day of the official set - with parents, birth certificate, football uniforms, shoes and a doctor's certificate.The ball will get you directly to the lawn.Show coaches his ability to play for a few hours, physical fitness, endurance, technique, character and will to win.
If you intend to play in a club team in which you have been invited, the bulk of the work on employment will make trainers and breeders FC personal agent.But in order to start training, you need to examine and sign agreed with the latter, as well as former and current club contract, and wait for the arrival of your transfer sheet.To get to the bid team for the season, performed well at the training camp in test matches.

Tip 2: How to enroll in the sports section in Moscow

in the Russian capital operates many sports sections, and everyone can choose the right club.When you select a section of the Moscow should be given to various criteria.
How to enroll in the sports section in Moscow

Think and decide what activities you want to do.In Moscow, there are many different sections, such as swimming pools, skating rinks, fitness and football clubs and many others.To help with the selection of a suitable scope will help internet resource sportschools.ru.It provides comprehensive information on the various sports clubs and schools in Moscow.You'll have no problems to determine what is right for you.

Choose an institution that is close to your home.You can do this by using a special search engine Google service called Google Maps.At the top of the page select your default location.Now you can enter a search string you are interested in the specifics, such as "section of Boxing" or "football club", and the relevant sports facilities, located next to your house, will be reflected on the satellite map.

Call or visit the chosen section of its own.Ask what you need to record on employment, there are any restrictions on age and health, on what days of training conducted, who is the coach, etc.Pay special attention to the cost of the occupation, because it differs depending on the institution, and should choose the option "afford."
Ask if there are any in this section special discounts or offers.For example, many institutions provide one free lesson to young athletes were able to determine whether they given direction.Some offer discounts for students, employees of certain companies, etc.

Pay classes at the checkout or at the reception.If you decide that you will be engaged for the entire month or more, it is better to buy a season ticket training, as its price is usually lower than in the case of payment of each class.

  • catalog of sports institutions in Moscow
important accurate information about the aims, objectives and prospects of the team at least for the currentseason of the next transfers.Football player to sign a contract worth carefully examine the current structure and evaluate your chance of getting one of the major players.From this also depends on your future salary.
Helpful Hint
Regardless of whether you yourself came to the club or you are invited to try to learn about it as much as possible.First of all, as to who is the owner, as the person or group of people who love football and are willing to invest in the infrastructure of the club the money for a long time.In the end, the Russian sports history is replete with examples where quite strong and successful football clubs in appearance suddenly went bankrupt or simply closed without explaining the true reasons, and all of their employees were fired.