Walk to classes at the gym on a regular basis.If you do this from time to time, randomly changing the load and the number of calories consumed, the body may not respond to such exercise, which will result for you in the extra weight.
First, organize your catering to the training schedule.If the last meal is an hour before the class, the food does not have time to digest, and intensity of exercise will prevent its assimilation.At the same time you will feel nausea and drowsiness.The body will burn excess fat and calories to spend recently eaten lunch.It is desirable that the last meal you had three hours before exercise.
If you have time to run to the gym before work, it is unlikely you will want to get up three hours earlier to have breakfast.But
this problem can be solved.For half an hour before the start of classes, eat half of their usual portion.For example, a wonderful breakfast for slimming athlete will poltarelki oatmeal and coffee with skim milk.
Many people when visiting the gym start to gain weight, while visually recovering.This happens due to the fact that body fat is replaced by muscle mass, and that, in turn, is heavier than fat.If your goal - to lose weight, but it does not build muscle, you should carefully choose the exercises.Not significantly affect the pumping muscle training on a treadmill.Choose those exercises that contain repetitive motion, under which you will not need to exert much effort.
After an hour or two after the end of the training required to have a snack.If you do not, then five hours after exercise, you will fall sharply the level of glucose.You certainly pull for dessert.And this, in turn, will result in unnecessary deposits on the stomach and hips, from which you are trying to get rid of.