Table football teams the UEFA rankings count only play teams in the qualifiers or finals of European Championships and World Championships last five cycles.For participation in each such match team receives 10,000 points for a draw to this number is added to the same amount, and for the victory - three times.Each goal scored adds 501 points and reduces the amount of missing to 500. The last rule does not apply to goals scored penalties - for participation of the losing team gets another 10,000 points and wins - 20 000. In addition, each output is encouragedthe next stage of the championship - for taking part in the play-offs charged 6000 points for an exit
in the group stage - 9000 (for the World Cup, this amount is charged for access to the 1/8).For getting to the quarterfinals of the premium is 18,000 points for the semi-finals - 28 000, and for participation in the finals - 38 000. The game for the bronze medal of the World Cup added to both participants at 18,000 points.Final table after division of the values ​​obtained at 5.

league table of national associations made up of points earned by the country clubs in the Champions League or the Europa League in the last 5 years.Association is charged 2 points for each win her club, and 1 for a draw, if the game takes place in the main draw of the tournament.And if they were matches qualifying rounds accrued points are halved.If the club goes into the quarter-finals, semi-finals or the final of the competition, each of these events is encouraged another score.Participants of the Champions League in addition receive 4 points for an exit in the group stage of the tournament, and 5 for access to the 1/8.

this way points are calculated for each club in one country, then they are added together, and the result is divided by the number of these clubs.After each finish off two European Cups UEFA coefficient takes on a new look and is used by the organization to produce the tournament grid next draw.