All exercises are intended for the abdominals are three main types: exercises for the "lower" press exercises for the "upper" and press exercises for obliques stomach and .The most appropriate time for a morning workout, the exercises should be done on an empty stomach or after a meal 2-3 hours.To become the most effective classes, you must repeat each exercise 20-30 times to start making at least two different approaches.Every week, you need to increase the load.
complex exercise : Take the starting position - lie down on the floor, on your back, knees should be bent legs, socks from the floor must be cut
off.This state can guarantee to the front leg muscles (calf muscles and a zone "golife"), no load, hands holding his head.The upper part of the body on the exhale lift so that the blades came off only a couple of centimeters from the floor.On the inhale, return to the original, starting position.Always make sure that you are committed to lifting the body is not using the arm strength, but due to a stomach muscle well.This exercise is based on the "top" of the press.
The following exercise is intended for the bottom of the press.Take the starting position - and on the floor, lie on your back, bend your knees, hands behind head, legs are arranged parallel to the floor, bend the feet "utjuzhkom."On the exhale, with leg extensions, take them away from you, but do it so that at the same time, they were also parallel to the floor.On the inhale, return to its original position.
Then you can begin to exercise for the oblique muscles stomach and .Take the starting position - the same as in the previous exercise.On the exhale, pull the right elbow to the left knee, and on the exhale, return back to the starting position.Then, respectively, as the left elbow to right knee stretch.When performing this exercise monitor to a "twisting" perform only force stomach muscles and .