Tip 1: How to remove the stomach via the hoop

If you are not a fan of sets of exercises at the press, and a beautiful, tight tummy - oh, how I want, there is a solution.And simple.You will need to remember such a beautiful thing as children's games.As a child, was so much fun - twist wrap.It is a lot of fun when each time managed to tighten up the cherished two-digit and three-digit numbers.
you need
  • Hoop, systematic approach.
Believe now your childhood fun can bring no less udovolstvie.Prelest torsion hoop consists in the fact that improved with the help of his can be almost anywhere,where necessary free area of ​​3x3 meter radius.You can simultaneously engage in cooking, watching an interesting movie.The excuse that you do not have time to visit the gym, can no longer be used.Efficiency will have even the slightest effort on your part.However, do not abuse this statement and deceive ourselves.If you have decided to turn the hoop, do it as efficiently as possible for their time.
new life.Buy
hoop or hulapup - as it is called in overseas, a sporting goods store or order via the Internet.There are several kinds of hoops.Pick a suitable load to which you are rasschityvaete.Obruchi:
- lightweight plastic and metal
- weighted
- gymnastic
- massage
- gibkie.Razbornye hoops can be easily transported, hollow hoops can be filled with sand to increase the load.
If you have problems with your back and abdomen, either you are among the lucky mothers who gave birth recently or seasoned age of people experience, or do you have some doubts, you should consult with your doctor.Limit class during critical dney.Nepodgotovlennym people should start with small loads (applied lightweight hoops or short twist weighted), gradually increasing them.Always based on their health.
Start with 5 minutes a day, over time, increase them up to 30. You can turn the hoop during fitness training, a break between exercises.The main thing is regular exercise.It should be run daily.Perhaps the first time will have to force myself, but then they get into the habit.Remember, previous efforts will be wasted if there is no regulyarnosti.Kogda will spin the hoop strain your abdominal muscles and back muscles, so the effectiveness of the exercises will be more.
Massage hoops undoubtedly have greater efficiency.But to use them at first to be treated carefully.There may be pain and bruising, so do not abuse their use.Twist Hoops are short and wear a belt or a sweater.
attentive to the diet.Your weight depends on the metabolism.Sport activities (including using hoop ) and proper diet will speed up metabolism.

Tip 2: How to remove belly hoop

Excess weight is a problem for many women.There are many methods to deal with it: diet, exercise, medication and so on.But unfortunately, not all of them lead to positive results, and often vice versa - harmful to health.However, there is an easy way to get rid of excess weight and body fat, which usually accumulates in the abdomen and thighs.It exercises with hoop , which effectively help remove the stomach.
How to remove belly hoop
spinning hoop in a circular motion clockwise.Keep your hands behind your head, legs must be together, back straight.
Talia move smoothly and quietly, so as not to hurt your back.
During torsion of the hoop, do not operate the buttocks and chest hoop must "twist" only waist.
is not advisable to use the exercises with a hoop during the critical days.

In order to achieve the desired results from this method, do not get carried away by overeating and not "seize" your stress by various sweets.
Helpful Hint
During torsion waist hoop amplitude of movement should be minimal.

Twist hoop entirely on an empty stomach.
To achieve the best result, "expel" from the belly excess air with the help of exercise: Make a big breath, and then exhale through the nose.Repeat this exercise - 3-4.
Helpful Hint
Often remember the benefits of your exercise.Classes hoop increase lymphatic circulation, which contributes to weight reduction and cellulite;strengthen the muscles of waist, abdomen and thighs;improve blood circulation, which positively affects the skin and internal organs.Enjoy these thoughts, praise yourself for what appears will power, be light and mobile.
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