In practice, because of the human factor this method of settling disputes is not ideal.To date, more judges have already made a number of errors which affect the outcome of some important matches.

In order to improve the system of determining the head a few years ago, the International Football Federation began to reflect on the introduction of automatic devices.Such a system could work correctly offline.Fans of innovation July 5 waiting for the good news - at a meeting in Zurich, FIFA supported this project, and soon will begin its implementation.

What is the automatic determination of goals?How does it work?Here, from a techn
ical point of view, everything is simple.Around the gate will be established a certain number of devices that will create a magnetic field.At the same time, the balls also undergo changes.Inside they will settle an electronic device which, when complete intersection the ball to the goal line will be supplied to the computer special signal, the goal counted.

advantage of this system is that it can identify a goal with maximum precision.If the whole of the ball went in the gate, to the special judicial act accordingly sensor signal.It is expected that after the introduction of this system to judge the matches will be much easier.

Despite the approval of the Federation, the system automatically determine the goals can not start using right now - she must go through a number of different laboratory tests and testing directly on the football field.As expected, the first time the system can be tested at the Club World Cup, which will be held in 2012 in Japan.