basic and most effective exercise - bench press rod in the supine position.The maximum load creates a wide grip bench press, but are utilized less than the lats and triceps - they are qualitatively worked with the narrow-grip.For the study of the upper pectoral muscles use the press of a bar on an incline bench.
Follow breeding dumbbells on a flat bench.This will help to qualitatively work out the upper and outer part of the breast.For the study of the lower and outer part of the practice push-ups on the parallel bars, with a maximum amplitude of throwing elbows to the sides.Useful will pull on the bar
increases the load gradually, leading to 20-25 push-ups in one go (just make a call 2-3), the same amount raised the bar and dilutions.Some experts recommend a different scheme: 6-12 10-12 sets of each exercise
for the entire workout bench and thinking, and withdrawal.If you just give chest muscles heavy loads, it will increase muscle strength and volume and weight remain the same, so the strength exercises are performed, when the muscles have gained sufficient weight.Warming up the muscles required;do not make long pauses for rest, so that the muscles do not have time to lose tone.
But the pauses between the training of the pectoral muscles to do better long - at least 3 days.Muscles grow during rest, not during work, and they need time to recover.During this period, they do not need to train, or muscle growth will be suspended.Limit two workouts a week.