Take special pump for inflating gymnastic balls that can come with the ball or sold separately.If such a pump, you have not, do not worry, pumping the ball for training can be done in the usual bicycle pump.If you will use a bicycle pump, it is important also to stock and a special needle for balls.
Read the instruction manual and training ball training.Take the gym ball out of the package, expand it and allow to lie in expanded form at room temperature for at least two hours.Remember, the goal is not far-fetched at once, brought home, as this may damage it and therefore it will not be suitable for training.At the same time, you spoiled gymnastic ball back to the store will not accept, because it would not
be a manufacturing defect, and your wine.
Take the pump, insert the needle for inflating.Grab it and inflate pump 85% of the air.Remember gymnastic ball tends to stretch over time, as it is made from a highly elastic material.
Leave the ball in this state for 20-30 minutes.Inflate it over time to the desired hardness.However, you should know that the gym ball pump should be based on its maximum diameter, which is listed on the packaging.Otherwise the ball can burst.