To start, stop to eat pastries, fried and fat tion food.This will limit the flow of not needed now simple carbohydrates and reduce caloric intake.The body begins to break down its own marketing fat reserves that will undoubtedly lead to weight loss.
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The rule is not difficult to do daily exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.It will take you 5-10 minutes, and the result will be visible after a few weeks of regular exercise.
Exercise Lie on the floor, bend your knees and put his hands behind his head.Reach turn right elbow to the left knee and left elbow to the right.Repeat 20-30 times.
following three exercises are divided into lying.Exercise 2.

By placing your hands along the body, raise your knees bent legs up, trying to reach the chest.Make 20-30 appr
oaches.Exercise 3.

familiar to all from childhood, "bicycle" - rotate the "pedal" for 2-3 minutes.Exercise 4.

Removing his hands behind his head, lift the straight legs up - great exercise for the muscles of the lower press.Repeat 20-30 times.
Exercise 5.
Stand up, put your hands on your hips and bend your body to the left and right.Repeat raz.Snachala 50 sports will be given with difficulty, but very soon you get used to it, and will do the exercises with pleasure.
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great help in the fight against excess centimeters at the waist - vacuum massage.Doing it yourself can be.Silicone cans you can buy at any pharmacy.With them you will find a complete description and priority actions during a massage.The effectiveness of this technology is very high, since the blood is drawn by vacuum to the surface of the skin, along the way destroying marketing fat deposits.Do not Do not use jars for women during the critical days.This type of massage can provoke bleeding.
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Depending on how many extra kilograms accumulated on waist , these tips will help to deal with them someone earlier, someone later.But losing weight - it is in any case not the two days.The path to perfection figure fairly long.The main thing - do not despair and do not turn back.And then very soon all admiringly see you in a new, slim and lightweight form.
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