you need
  • To remove the fat on the inside of the thighs, you need to take the time to exercise it on the problem area, as well as the right to form their diet.
before exercises to stretch the muscles a little bit better.For example, you can jump on the rope, or simply move to rhythmic music.Perfect squats, brisk walking or just a funny dance to rhythmic music.The best time to warm up - 5-7 minutes, which is important for women who have a fairly intense schedule.
To perform the first exercise you need to lie on your side and lean on your elbows.Now bend your upper leg at the knee.Put it in front of a little lower.This will be the starting point.Then lift the lower leg by adjusting the tension of the muscles in the hip.Highest follow mahi 12 times.After that, turn over on the other side.Repeat with the other leg swings.
second exercise is also as easy to perform.Take the "reclining", in order better to lean on your elbows.Now bend your knees and press them to one another, so that the thighs are perpendicular to the floor.Maximum dilute straight legs apart, and then return them to their original position.It is advisable to perform this exercise 10-15 times.