So, then we shall be solely about girls who consider themselves thin and want to transform their breasts and buttocks.
If you have a goal to transform its shape, and you are ready to work hard for a long time, all will certainly succeed.It is indeed possible.

Let's start with the chest muscles.I'm not going to rewrite anatomy.We know that the structure of men and women in many different muscles.Men are much easier to increase the volume of the thoracic, however, like any other muscle groups.If the gir
l has a purpose to give it a better appearance and proportions, it is necessary to increase muscle mass chest muscles.To do this, perform the following exercises:
1. Presses lying with weights;
2. Dips;
3. Push-ups from the floor.
These three exercises will be enough just to exercise the pectoral muscles, but not for their formation, as to these trainings was the effect, you need the right diet.You must consume at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight.That is, if you weigh 50 kg, you will need to consume daily 50 grams of protein, only then your muscles will be able to increase in volume.But as carbohydrates.Carbohydrates should come only from foods such as cereals, pasta, fruit.It was only in the morning!It is the bedrock foundation of the basics.What you need to do in 2-3 months.Nothing complicated, if you want to act.Starting from March, the summer of the chest will visually more upruzhe and beautiful.

Now buttocks.I want to please them a lot easier.Gluteal muscles - a large muscle group, so it is easier to "pump up".And exercise:
1. Of course, sit-ups with a worsening of (rod or just the neck).
2. Various attacks.
3. Leads legs back and sides.
These three exercises, when done correctly, will be enough.

What is the best exercise?Firstly, do not hesitate to approach the instructor in the gym in order to show you how to perform certain exercises.It is most important.
Second, training should combine chest and buttocks.
example, so:
Day 1: squat + bench dumbbell lying;
Day 2: lunges + dips (or a similar simulator);
3 day Mahi and disposal of various legs + push-ups (such training can be carried out even at home).

between days of training be sure to include rest days.For example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - workout.Other days - rest and proper nutrition.In this mode of training and nutrition, you will improve your figure, you will feel a lot better and more confident.After all, as we know, doubts and fears are scattered in action.