Tip 1: How to build muscles

Along with the great problem of obesity today shortage weight.Many young people are affected by their thinness, developing complex and sometimes disease.Initially, the problem is predisposition, nutritional, people just do not get enough of important substances for life.But you can fix it.
build muscle not only want people with excessive thinness, but also a man with a medium build.Muscles - is power, beauty and health.The first thing to pay attention to your diet.For weight gain necessary fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and in the proper dosage, or will not increase muscle and body fat.When performing exercises to increase muscle, increase the number of meals and water consumption.An important component of nutrition during training is a protein which in large quantities found in milk.But whole milk also contains large amounts of fat, so the best step is to change to a low-fat or else the water with protein powder.Protein helps the muscles to gain weight and strength, so its inclusion
in the diet is very important.Also note that on the day you need to eat at least 300 grams of fruit and vegetables.They improve the digestion and absorption of food, the blood is saturated with nutrients.Foods rich in protein, your best assistant in building muscles.
After one month of free exercises go to power.Normally training courses consist of five exercises, each of which is performed three times.Floor exercise - this, for example, 10 push-ups from the chair, a break for a minute, the second approach, a break again, and the third approach.Rest several mine, moving to sit-ups, which are also carried out three times.Squatting is better to do with the weight on his shoulders.Exercises with weights are performed in the same manner, ie,three approaches.In addition to the bar, where a series of pulloverov alternates with lots of squats with a barbell.
After the meal, try to rest at least half an hour to sleep at night for 8-9 hours.What is important is rest and after exercise - the body needs time to recover.Three meals a day, healthy food, protein shakes and recreation - the success of your workouts, the results are not long in coming.

Tip 2: How to build muscle in her arms

strong hands needed a man not only to hit the others, wearing a T-shirt with short sleeves.Strong hands are required to be worn on the hands his girlfriend and their children.Without a strong hand, you do not build a house, do not protect yourself and loved ones from attacks, can not overcome the high hurdle.Strong hands are needed to successfully play volleyball and basketball.It's just that men should be strong hands.
How to build muscle in her arms
you need
  • - dumbbells;
  • - bar with EZ-stamped;
  • - block simulator;
  • - rope handle;
  • - Scott bench.
Stand up straight.Legs slightly bent at the knees, hands in dumbbells.Bend your elbows, the angle between the arm and the forearm should be 90 degrees.Palms facing up.This starting position.Slowly lower your right hand down.The hand does not turn, palm facing outward.Return to starting position.Repeat for the left hand.Do 8-12 repetitions for each arm.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Lift arms straight over the head with a dumbbell.Lower hands behind his head.Elbows are looking up.This starting position.Slowly straighten your left arm.Hold for two seconds and return to starting position.Perform the exercise for the right hand.Do 8-12 repetitions for each arm.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Look in front of you.Hands with dumbbells down.Palms facing inward.Bend your left arm at the elbow to the shoulder dumbbell touched.Lock position for two seconds.Lower the arm to the angle at the elbow was straight.Hold for two seconds.Return to starting position.Run to the other hand.During the exercise, pressed elbows to the body and does not deploy the brush.The palms are constantly pointing to the body.Do 8-12 repetitions for each arm.
Stand in front of a block simulator.Distance to the stand - a 1-2 pitch.Take the rope handle.Press your elbows to the body, the body slightly tilted forward.This starting position.Lower your hands down.When the arms are straight stretch rope handle.Palms facing down.Slowly bend your arms.When bend your elbows to 90 degrees, pause for two seconds.Slowly return to starting position.Perform 8-12 repetitions.
Scott Sit on the bench.In the hands of bar with EZ-stamped.Hands reverse grip at shoulder width.Make sure that the upper edge of the reference plane is in your armpits.Straighten your arms.This starting position.
Slowly bend your arms at the elbows with a barbell.When the angle between the arm and forearm is equal to 90 degrees, the lock position for two seconds.Slowly return to starting position.Perform 8-12 repetitions.
Exercises are performed cycle.Perform three cycles.Pause between exercises to 30 seconds.Pause between cycles of 2-3 minutes.In the pauses between the cycles follow the stretch on the target muscle groups.This will allow you to increase the perception of muscle power load by 19%.
Helpful Hint
Ask for help in developing an individual program for coaches to do it by yourself is dangerous.
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