protein - the cornerstone!What is a protein molecule?She looks like a garland of beads of different colors.Every single ball - a single amino acid.When one such "garland" of the protein gets to us in the stomach, the gastric juice cleaves intermediates and those "colored balls" are released.Proceeding in the blood, they pass through the body.Once in the muscle cells, a new protein chain.So it turns out the new protein molecule, which is the increase in muscle mass.What can be concluded?To adds muscle mass, you need to eat foods rich in protein: dairy products, meat, and vegetable protein - nuts, cereals and more.The optimal amount of protein per kilogram of body weight of 2-3 grams is considered, but the number ranges from 1 to 5 grams, as all individually.
Now about carbohydrates.Without carbohydrates is neither muscle nor good training.Therefore, for the efficient recruitment of muscle mass need not comprise only proteins, but also carbohydrates.Otherwise, a protein that ent
ers the body will not be digested due to lack energy.Carbohydrates - it as fuel to the body.Otherwise, as energy will be used by muscle tissue, then set the mass will be impossible.
Many modern diets eliminate fat intake at all.Fats are directly related to the secretion of hormones.The main hormone for building muscle building testosterone the body of fat.Therefore, people who switched to vegetarianism, falling libido.But the fat can not be abused.The paradox, but the food rich in fat, inhibits the production of testosterone.They need to use in moderation.What is the measure?Experts believe that the measure is 15% of the total diet.Also, experts say that it is better to use vegetable fats.And still very much the body needs Omega 3 fats or common - fish oil.It is very useful in general health.Eat salmon or sardines three times a week, they have a lot of the substance.All this will help to gain muscle mass.
Another rule - a variety of food.It is important to use a live plant foods.Do not do the protein mixture, vitamin capsules and pharmaceutical fish oil.The natural food chain phytochemicals found.They strengthen the immune system, have an antioxidant effect, prevent disease, and generally make us stronger.Every day, eat fruits and vegetables.In winter replace fresh-frozen berries, as well as eat melon and buy vegetables as possible.At least once a day, eat a salad of fresh vegetables in the winter to replace it with a cabbage salad with green onions.And now to a good diet can be purchased to add vitamins and minerals.After all, an athlete needs much more vitamins than the average person.