you need
  • - Rod;
  • - pancakes;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - bench.
Join a gym.If you set out to enlarge the chest , in any case, you need to train with heavy weights.You can not do that by performing exercises on uneven bars and horizontal bar.These shells only help strengthen the torso, but nothing more.
Suck chest earlier in the week.Warm up the pectoral muscles before working with shells.Jump on the rope at a moderate pace for 5-7 minutes.Earn sweat stood out.Then do the stretching legs, arms, back and chest.Take a few strides and polushpagatov hands.Press the floor 20 times.All, you are now ready to workout.
Do dumbbell bench press the bar or on the horizontal bar.It is best to exercise it over the bar.Dip a small weight on the shell
, and lay down on the bench.Remove the bar from the racks and slowly lower it to the breath until it touches the chest th.Raise the load to the starting position on a sharp exhalation.Perform 10 repetitions.Do 4 sets.
Perform wiring of dumbbells on the same horizontal bar.Shells should not be the maximum weight.They need to match your level of preparation.So, again, position yourself on the bench, grab a dumbbell in your hands and raise them above your head.Make wiring slowly apart.Keep the shells to the original position.Get a painful shock to the muscles.Perform 10 times in each of the five sets.
Turn pullover in his training process.This exercise is already running with a heavy shell, which must weigh 1.5 times the dumbbells to the sides for the wiring.Do it well on the horizontal bar, like the previous one.In this case, hold the dumbbell with both hands and slowly takes her by the neck, slightly touching the floor.Return to the starting position of the projectile.The number of sets and reps is identical to the previous exercise.