you need
  • - Rod;
  • - pancakes;
  • - racks;
  • - belt;
  • - belts;
  • - notebook.
Perform measurement of anthropometric data.Generally, before starting any training cycle, it is important to determine the precise objectives.What do you want to raise the bar?You may want to increase the weight and power, maybe you just need to perform at the event.But be that as it may, measure your height and weight.Both values ​​are important.Record the date of measurement in a special training notebook.This will be the starting point in the selection of the bar.
Perform squats.Immerse on the projectile 80% of its own weight.Assume scales shown in the initial stage of training 70 kg.Then hang it on the bar at least 55-60 kg.If your musc
les and bones have not quite got stronger and you find it difficult to keep the barbell on your shoulders, turn down loads up to 50 kg and put it under the shoulders of the towel.Your task - to make at least 10-12 times with the projectile.If all goes well, and you're full of energy to continue training, you picked the correct weight.If you thought he was easy, and add a couple of kilograms and start working with him.
Hang on bench press at least 75% by weight of the individual.The second major exercise with a barbell - bench press the bar on the horizontal bar.It will not be as simple as a squat.However, with the personal weight of 70 kg, the bar in this exercise should be at least 50-53 kg.If your shoulder girdle and chest well-developed, make a shell into the 55 kg or more.Perform at least 10-12 times with a loaded weight.Again, make adjustments, as you did with the squat.
Make deadlift with 100% of its weight.This is the third base of compound exercise that is the most difficult and traumatic.For its implementation approach very seriously.Put on heavy athletics belt and special belts on hand.
Set 70 kg barbell.If you are not confident in their abilities, reduce weight as much as you see fit.Generally, the first few times you can do with 50 kg to hone technique.Once you are able to do it 10 times, write down the information in a notebook.Make adjustments.Increase or decrease the load on the bar, according to their feelings.