Sports lots sent against the Netherlands in one of the group of death.Opponents of the Dutch quartet In the group stage of the championship teams were Spain, Chile and Australia.

first match of the tournament against the Netherlands has caused a variety of emotions, from delight to horror.The first opponent wards van Gaal became world champions Spaniards.No one could have imagined such a victory Holland.The final score 5 - 1 for the Netherlands, forced to talk about the Dutch as the most important pritendenty the top places of the tournament.The second group match of the Netherlands also had a lot of fun.Australia's team was defeated with the score 3 - 2. In the final meeting of the group stage of the Dutch opposed the Chileans.Netherlands won with the score 2 - 0, which

allowed to get into the next stage of the company and Van Persie from the first place.

in 1/8 final match World Cup 2014 Netherlands opposed Mexico.The Dutch pulled out a strong-willed victory in the final minutes of the meeting (2 - 1).The next opponent of the Netherlands became the Costa Ricans.Team Costa Rica may be called the main sensation of the 2014 world championship.Basic and additional time in the game Netherlands - Costa Rica ended with a goalless draw.A series of 11-meter semi-finals gave in Holland.

for the right to perform in the final of the world championship Netherlands fought for Argentina.Another goalless draw in regulation and extra time resulted in a penalty shootout, which were stronger than the South Americans.Dutch team after the defeat was to play in the match for third place.

rivals Netherlands consolation finals were the hosts of the championship - the Brazilians.Europeans defeated five-time world champion with a score of 3 - 0. This victory allowed the Netherlands to become the national team won bronze medals of the football World Cup in 2014.

to guide the team, the fans and players of this result can be described as very successful, because a part of the Netherlands had a lot of new players, who loudly declared themselves only at the World Championships in 2014.