you need
  • - expert advice on fitness;
  • - exercises with barbell;
  • - high protein diet;
  • - drink plenty of liquids;
  • - rest between workouts.
Before training, determine your body type.Each of them requires several different approaches, both in power and in the organization of classes.Although, of course, the basic principles are the same set of muscle mass.
Do not try to create your own training program.To grow muscle fast, you need a sound approach to the organization of loads.Better to spend a little money on professional advice on fitness instructor than to lose money and time on useless exercises.
engaged three times a week in
the gym.Strength training is essential for both men and women.It exercises with weight cause muscle growth.
Do not attempt to swing the muscles in isolation.It just takes too much time.Train the largest muscle groups: the widest of the back, chest ?, biceps, buttocks, press, quadriceps.They form a beautiful athletic silhouette.
Work with free weights.The exercises with the bar at the same time allow to include in the work all major muscle groups.Moreover, they are forced to work growth hormone.This will reduce the time of training.
sure to include in your workout deadlift, bench press the bar on the chest and squats.These exercises cause maximum muscle growth and are called base.
perform basic exercises under the supervision of a partner or instructor, at least at first.Their efficiency is very high, but it depends on the proper technique.
Do not forget that for the active growth, the muscles need a good rest.The intensity of the load, the longer should be rest.Be sure to perform stretching exercises.They increase the force component of 19%.
Try to increase the load by increasing the weight of the projectile, but not at the expense of reducing the number of repetitions or breaks between sets.
Drink more water.Muscles from it by 80%, so the dehydration leads to loss of muscle mass.It is no coincidence the process of reducing the muscle called "drying".
your muscles protein needed for active growth.The best source of protein - meat and fish.If you have problems with being overweight, prefer turkey meat.There is less total fat, protein and almost 50% of the total weight.From the most useful cereal - buckwheat.