Choose clothes for fitness, focusing on maximum comfort and reliability.It should not hamper even the most complex movements.In addition, your athletic form is required to pass air, allowing the skin to breathe, preventing the evaporation of moisture.The suit material for training must withstand frequent washing.For classes are good and short shorts, and breeches, and pants, as well as various short T-shirts and tops of bright, saturated colors.If you still feel a tightness about the large size, it still purchase sports pants and tight T-shirt of the recommended materials.
When buying a costume in mind that 100% -s' cotton, linen and rayon garments soak strong sweat, crumple, long time to dry and lose its shape.Therefore, manufacturers of clothes for fitness offer model consisting of fibers, which are the raw material for
petrochemicals.They are either with vegetable fibers, or without them.
Pay attention to the fabric.Usually different manufacturers on the labels indicate the same material - taktel Meryl polyamide.Such qualities as its flexibility, lightness and durability are successfully used for sewing and lingerie, and fitness.In doing fitness clothing from this material does not stick to the body, allowing him to breathe and evaporate moisture.And at this time you do not get distracted and focus only on training.
With its sportswear with the addition of elastane or polyurethane.It is flexible and thin fiber improves the properties of natural fabrics.Suit for fitness of this material is resistant to salt water, sunlight, and it keeps its original shape and is "ready" to frequent washing.
purchasing clothing fabric sappleks, you get soft and durable sports kit.Along with nylon, this fabric is often used for the manufacture of sportswear.It has all the necessary properties for the exercise of any intensity.
Pay attention to the seams of the product.They should be flat without roughness to the touch.On the tops and T-shirts are often amplified the chest to be able to wear them without underwear.
Pay special attention to a style of your sports attire.Choose tight revealing clothing that is far preferable to the free Balakhonov.She does not hold down movements.If the size is chosen correctly, then you will not feel it.In gyms outdoor wear is simply necessary becauseIt allows you to monitor the work of the muscles and control the course of the workout.