you need
  • - dumbbells;
  • - Gymnastic bench with adjustable backrest;
  • - trainer "butterfly".
Take dumbbells in your hands and lie on a horizontal gymnastic bench.Feet should be firmly rest on the floor.Understand the dumbbells up exhale completely straightening arms.Expand palm away, the vultures keep dumbbells parallel to the shoulder girdle.Do not turn the dumbbells parallel to the body, it increases the load on the back and shoulders and reduces elaborate pectoral muscles.Slowly lower the dumbbell to breath down by bending your elbows.Perform 4 sets, changing the number of repetitions.The first and
second approach do 12 reps, then 10, and in the latter approach, squeeze the dumbbells 8 times.
Install backrest bench at an angle of 35-45 degrees.Pick up the dumbbells and lie on your back.Feet firmly rest on the floor.On the exhale, lift your hands up and straighten your elbows.Vultures dumbbells are turned parallel to the shoulders, palms facing outward.Then inhale slowly lower the dumbbells.Do not put your elbows below the level of the body.Spread the elbows to the side so that your forearms remain perpendicular to the floor.Perform three sets with a growing number of repetitions (6-8-10).
Install backrest bench at an angle of 35-45 degrees.Pick up the dumbbells and lie on your back.Feet firmly rest on the floor.Raise your hands up and bend your elbows.Hold the dumbbells parallel body vultures.Keeping the angle at the elbows, slowly dilute hand in hand.Dumbbells at an extreme point should fall below the top of the chest.Then, return the arms to the starting position.Lower the dumbbells to inhale, exhale lift.Perform three sets of 12 repetitions.
Sit in a simulator to perform "Butterfly."Press firmly against the seat back.Adjust the height so that your elbows and shoulders at the same height during the exercise.Grasp the handle, take a deep breath and bringing his hands, exhaling slowly.Just breathe slowly return to starting position.Drive smoothly, without jerks, do not let the simulator handles break under the weight of burdens, monitor their movement.Perform three sets of 15 repetitions.
To inflated chest muscles were more prominent, periodically arrange short-term reduction of carbohydrates in your diet.Completely eliminate fast carbohydrates contained in confectionery and white bread.This will allow you to reduce the subcutaneous fat layer.Completely exclude carbohydrates from their diet for a long time can not.