Tip 1: How to remove belly fat exercise

can often see women of normal stature but with a big belly .The problem here is not so much fat in flabby abdominal muscles.In this case, simple exercises, performed regularly, can help quickly and easily, without dieting.
All abdominal muscles are divided into 3 main groups: the muscles of the upper press, the muscles of the lower press obliques.So, to tighten the stomach, it is necessary to use all types of muscles.Perform exercises on an empty stomach or after a meal, a few hours later.For starters, you can repeat the exercise 10 times, and then gradually increase the load.A large number of repetitions leads to burning of fat.It is very important to do the exercises regularly, every day.Makes a great break and then give a strong load is strictly forbidden - it may cause harm to the spine.Also, it is not recommended to do the exercises with your back straight too.
Exercise first.
This exercise both the upper and lower part of the press.It is necessary to take the starting po
sition.To do this, lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, hands behind head Close.Lift the head to the body so that the blades slightly off the floor.Simultaneously with the upper portion, lift the lower torso.To do this, pull your knees to your chest.Then, as you exhale, the head with the body of the reset, and the legs take away from him and straighten, holding them parallel to the floor on the weight.Repeat the exercise, not the bed feet on the floor.
Exercise the second.
Exercise for the oblique muscles.It is necessary to take a position, as in exercise 1. On the exhale, pull to the left knee right elbow.At the same time pull the knee to meet the elbow.On the inhale, return to the starting position.On the next exhale, pull to the left elbow, right knee and pull your knee to the elbow.Go back to the starting position.
Exercise third.
Lie on your back, hands behind head Close, put the right foot.Lift straight legs as you exhale, first up and then, lifting the pelvis to tilt their upper body.On the inhale lower the leg.
your stomach will decrease after 1-2 weeks, but in order to achieve the perfect figure, have to work.However, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Tip 2: How to remove a beer belly

In the cold season under the clothes he was almost invisible.But come summer, it's time to gather on the beach, and then he appeared in all its ugliness.That's annoying!This is a beer tummy .It seems that it is not so ugly (yet), even in some moments of sweet, but shows on the beach with the "overhang" is awkward and embarrassing.And then in all its objectivity, there is a problem - to remove the tummy.And this can be done in a relatively short period of time.It would be just an irresistible desire and a little willpower.The complex is effective exercises - this is what you need first.
How to remove the beer belly
Starting position - standing.Arrange the legs, slightly bend their knees.Hands pull in front of you at shoulder height.Make a sharp turn toward the upper side of the body, leaving the legs and hips stationary.Return to starting position and do the same sharp movement in the other direction.Repeat the exercise 10-16 times, focusing on at the turning point (a jerk to the side should be as strong).Can complicate the exercise: bend when turning left knee in the dash to the left, the right knee - jerk at the right.
Starting position - lying.Bend your legs and pull your hands behind your head.Slowly lift the body, the hands at the same time to lower the feet.After that, his arms crossed on shoulders, back to its original position.Repeat the exercise 10-16 times.
starting position for this exercise can be anything.Choose the most suitable and convenient for you.With the power to draw the breath all the abdominal muscles, hold your breath at the top for 3-5 seconds, exhale relax muscles.This exercise is to be performed 4-6 times a day for 10 breaths / exhalations for each approach.This is perhaps the most effective exercise of the entire complex, the result is noticeable after 2 weeks.If this has to give up alcohol and salt intake and stick to a strict diet, the result is simply stunning.
is believed that the weight gain and bloating are caused by fluid retention.This is nothing more than a myth.We can drink as much as much kidney cope with the surplus for 12-15 hours, moving them from the body.In any case, the extra weight on the state of excess body fat and not a liquid.
Helpful Hint
Physical exercise will be more effective if you are at this time still sit on a strict diet.World diets today is so diverse that everyone can pick out what seems to him the most effective and not exhausting.Lemon or celery, honey or kefir, meat or vegetable - all selected on the basis of preferences and financial capabilities and characteristics of the organism.It is reasonable to go the one who, before going on a diet, consult your doctor.
  • remove belly exercises are simple