to pull the muscular system, improve the relief you need to learn exercises that work to increase the flexibility and stretching.One without the other is not very effective and even dangerous.The greater the amplitude at which the joint can move, the greater the flexibility, the elasticity of muscles and tendons.
for flexibility necessary to perform the movement with full amplitude, cycling every joint.In some sports it provided the active development of certain areas of the body, while others begin to fall behind.For example, the gymnasts are very flexible spine, and tennis players - the shoulder joint.Non-professional athlete, it is desirable to work on all muscle groups.Over time, good tensile elastic ligaments become an excellent assistant in the development of the most difficult exercises that
will develop the sport further.
Stretching the muscles necessary for the full development of the flexibility of the joints.It also increases the elasticity of the muscles.When dosed stretched muscle fiber increasing in length.Work carefully, gradually increasing the load.It is important to consciously control the tension, but in this case, training will lead to the formation of conditioned reflexes, which will provide improved transmission of nerve impulses.As a result - all the cells of the muscles become better supplied with oxygen due to improved blood flow.So one of the rules of proper stretching - a slow deliberate exercises.
Novice competitors must build their training on static stretching exercises.At the time of implementation should be set to linger in the position that provides the maximum length of the working muscles.Perform these exercises is not difficult.Slowly stretch the muscle, secure its position for a minute, then return to starting position.The probability of injury if such work is minimal.
trained athletes can work on technique "ballistic stretching" - a performance of powerful, very fast and sudden movements.As a result of reduced muscle reflex in a very short period of time.These exercises include fast-toeing is tilted.Without preheating and training an athlete is guaranteed injured joints and muscles, which before cutting was severely stretched.
exercises increase the elasticity of the muscles should be held not before, but after training as stretching temporarily weakens the muscles, the whole efficiency of subsequent exercises will also be reduced.