small problem.If you have excess of 2 centimeters in volume, it is easy to get rid of them for three days.You just have to remove the excess fluid that has accumulated in your body.With this simple task of coping anti-cellulite gels and creams that contain in its composition components that promote lymph flow.You can use the wrap with blue clay or a mixture of liquid honey and salt.To achieve the effect you need to do the wrapping for 5 consecutive days.Always remember that trap moisture Smoked and salted foods and drinks of alcohol, black tea, coffee, so they have to be excluded.
problem of average complexity.If you have extra 4 centimeters in vol
ume.Here, five days is necessary.Nine days you need to achieve the desired goal.In addition to excess fluid you have a lot of toxins, so the diet can not do without.Very good absorbs liquid Fig.It blends well with different dietary products.In addition to rice, use fruit and vegetables as well as legumes, poultry, lean meats, cheese.Limit yourself to use salt.Do not fry.Eat 4-5 times a day, every three hours.Your dinner must be no later than four hours before bedtime.
real problem.If you have extra 6 centimeters in volume, you'll need 17 days to get rid of excess fat.And then in addition to diet necessarily need physical activity.
But where do you start if you have extra 6 cm or more in the amount of? * Proper power supply system using the product, do not hold fluid in the body.Exclude smoked, fried.Canned food and fast food.Do not use "beduyu death": salt and refined sugar.We try to fruits and vegetables in the diet were up to 60%.Cook porridge on the water with vegetable oil and butter, without using any fat and margarine.Just lean meat and chicken.From green tea drinks, pure water, fruit drinks from fresh fruit and dried fruit. * You should always work out, and whenever possible to move: to rise without an elevator, walking to and from work on foot at least a couple of stops, actively dancing to your favorite music.Sports should bring you pleasure no matter what this sport: running, fitness, gym.Catching up, you get energy, and your body dumps excess kilograms and tightened.Start with 20 minutes and increase employment up to 1 hour.To protect yourself from injury and stretching pick a special sportswear. * You should always use strengthens and tightens body lotions to prevent stretch marks and pendulous skin.