to warm up for 15 minutes before each training session.Usually exercises hips and ass performed at the beginning of training a week.Make it a rule to do them on Monday or Tuesday.And, of course, before each class, pay a little time down the slopes, Mahama hands, cords and other stretch.Knead well and lower leg with thigh of .All muscles should be well prepared to work with the "iron".
doing squats with a barbell or dumbbells.Men just need to get used to a big load.Girls can also squat with either light weights or stamped in the 15-17 kg.In any case, this exercise is done as follows.Stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder width, straighten your back and grab his hands on the shoulders of the top shell.Slowly lower hips and back to the starting po
sition.Repeat 10 more times and do 4 sets.
use the machine "bending the legs."It is very effective for leveling the entire back surface.It is suitable for both men and women.Put a few blocks lie on the treadmill and put your feet under the special "pillow".Bend them so that they got the gluteal muscles.Return the leg to the starting position.Do this exercise at least 12-15 times in 3 sets.
raznozhku Follow with a light pole.It will develop in the gluteal muscles and only hip , but also endurance.So, take a vulture or a light post.Put the weight on his shoulders.Lunge forward with one foot, while others pull back.Then jump dramatically change the position of both legs.So, do this exercise at least 30-40 times at the end of the workout.
Stretch glutes and thighs at the end of class.It is important to make a hitch, as it will prevent muscle stagnation and possible injury.Bend your knee to the maximum tension and prostoyte so half a minute.Repeat the same with the other leg.Follow a few feet to the slopes and polushpagatov.