you need
  • Fitness equipment, natural foods, lifting cream, massager
Begin to play sports.
Does this at home or in the fitness center, you decide.But not all have enough self for self-study.Start jogging all the time is delayed to the next Monday, bike turns into a stand for clothes and CDs with the guidance of fitness gradually accumulate dust.If you are familiar with this pattern, buy a subscription to a fitness club.Laziness is not going anywhere, and now it enters into competition greed, because the money has to be paid, and no back will not return them to you.In addition, in the health club you will take the
instructor, who will select the optimal set of exercises to help tighten the figure.
Eat right.
In no case should not indulge in eating at all.Instead, try to eat small meals every 3-4 hours.Drink plenty of fluids - it is best if it is clean drinking water, tea, natural juices, dairy drinks.Limit consumption of high-calorie foods (fat dishes, sweet, flour), replacing it with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Pay attention to the condition of the skin.
With intensive weight loss sagging skin often becomes loose, it loses its elasticity.Most often such trouble happens with the skin of hips, abdomen, buttocks.Will exercise to strengthen the muscles in problem areas.Blood that the active physical activity is surging to the body, causes the small vessels to grow and nourish the skin, so it becomes more elastic.You can also use cosmetics for the body, having a lifting effect.
Go massage course.
Massage stimulates circulation, tones muscles, improves skin elasticity.You can do massage and self - for this there are a lot of special tools.