1 Stand with your feet together, arms lift overhead.On the inhale pull on the tips of his fingers up, lengthen the spine.On the exhale, lower your upper body to the hips, hands put in the leg and pull the breast forward.Hold the pose for 1 minute.Then, without lifting the body, relax the full upper body, weight transfer to the socks.In this position, you will feel like the most strained calf muscles, hamstrings and back of the thighs.After 1 minute, rising up out of a rounded back.
brought forward right leg, the left take away as much as possible back.On the exhale, lower your upper body down, put your hands on the floor, knees do not bend.Pull the sock on his right foot, then by himself.Repeat this movement 20 times.On the inhale lift the body.Change legs places, a
nd repeat on the left leg.
Sit on the floor, straighten your legs, raise your arms above your head.On the inhale stretch up the crown, with an exhalation, lean chest to thighs.Breathing send in the stomach.With each exhalation, try to relax your hips and bend down even lower.Maintain the pose for 1 minute.Then inhale and stretch upward climb.
Lie on the floor, straightened his legs at the knees, lift up and fingers hooked on the socks.Pull the legs to him for 1 minute.Breathing should be quiet and smooth.With an exhalation bend your legs at the knees and lower them to the floor.
Stand up straight, arms along the lower body, take out the left leg forward, right step back.With an exhalation bend forward, place the palms on the floor.Open your legs even more, trying to catch a forward split.Nosochek left leg pull over.Perform each exercise for 1 minute.On the inhale, leaning on hands, gather the legs together.Change legs and repeat the exercise sites.