you need
  • - gym;
  • - Rod;
  • - dresser;
  • - fitness.
Do squats on his shoulders.This basic exercise is the most effective for pumping thighs and buttocks.Bodybuilders recognize him at all the most important in the training cycle.For females it can be done only with the stamp, without hanging additional loads.Put the rod (neck) on top of the shoulders and firmly grasp his hands on top of the shell.Feet shoulder width apart place, or slightly wider.Keep your back straight.Gently lower down on the breath, your knees bent.Make it so that the angle between the tibia and femur of 90 degrees.Slowly exhale go up.Make 4-5 sets of 8-10 each.
Commit lunges with weights.This exercise can be done as with the stamp and dumbbells.Place the shell on the shoulders or take it in hand.In the fir
st phase of the exercise shall carry the right leg forward, bending it at the knee, and the second pull back as far as possible.Then change legs in the jump: left foot forward to get, and the right - back.Do this exercise vigorously, increasing the pace.In each of the three sets, do at least 30 attacks on both feet.
Jump on the curbstone.Do this exercise with weights or without.Find a pedestal height of about 80 cm. Push off from the floor and jerk jump in its middle.Try to increase the intensity of the exercise.Take at least 10 jumps in each of the 4 sets.This exercise is great effect on human cardiac system and contributes to the hips.
Follow lying leg press.If you have back problems and you can not overtax it, this special exercise will help you to pump well the hip.Install as many blocks as you can do 12-15 times.Perform 4 sets with the number gradually increasing the load.You will feel how tense your thighs and glutes.After completing the exercises take a hitch.Follow slopes stretching and polushpagaty.