you need
  • barbell or dumbbells for the load, persistence
Get ready for a deep squat with a load.The load can take a dumbbell, barbell discs from the bar.If you are at home, you can use any object that is easy to handle (for example, plastic bottles filled with water).The weight of the load should not be too large.Arrange the feet shoulder width apart and begin to squat as low as possible, as much as possible keep your back straight.Your hips should "sit" on the calves, buttocks and almost get the heel.Do sit-ups 10-12 times, then - a break of 20-30 seconds -
back squats.So 5-6 approaches (in the early days, you can approach 3-4).
Exercise - lunges forward.Step right foot forward it is necessary to make the leg bent at the knee turned by 90 °.At the same time remain in place left leg should also be bent at the knee at a right angle (knee should lightly touch the floor, but not limited to it).We made a sudden lunge - back to its original position again lunge original position.Change legs.Be willing to do 4-6 sets of 5 lunges on each leg.Exercise is also performed with the load (barbell or dumbbells in his hands).
kicks.Go to the wall, turn around to face her and the rest against it hands (palms).Slowly allot one leg back about half a meter.Especially active at the same time have to work the thigh muscles (in fact, Mach performed hip).Max must take place on the exhale, return to the starting position - on inspiration.Alternate legs.Perform 4-5 sets of 10-12 times.To enhance the effect, you can hang on the ankle a weight of 0.5-1 kg per hand.
Too kicks, but in a different starting position.Get on all fours, resting his elbows on the floor.Do turn kicks up and back, stopping at the end point for 2-3 seconds, then take the starting position.10-12 times for each leg of 4 approaches.
Exercise called "bridge".Lie on your back and bend your knees, pulling the heel to the buttocks.This hand should be extended along the body.Lift your pelvis up so as to form a straight line spin-buttock-thigh.Hold at the top for 2-3 seconds.10-12 times for each leg of 4 approaches.
№3 Think of exercise and repeat almost the same, only stand sideways to the wall and rest against it with one hand and make the foot moves to the side.Max may be so high as enough of your forces and capabilities.My legs.4 sets of 10-12 times.
Too kicks, only in the "lying on its side."Lie back, shoulders should be raised, hand on his elbow against the floor.Legs are stretched.Slowly lift leg, slightly delaying it at the top.Try to lift the foot when the feet are a little higher than his head.10-12 each leg swings at 4 approaches.