to dry thigh muscles , requires prolonged load, lower intensity.Compare legs sprinters and marathoners and you will immediately notice the difference.In order to slim thighs, you need to move a lot.Exclude squats with weights, otherwise your thighs will become even larger.
Forget about the existence of elevators.There is no better means for tightening thighs , than climbing stairs.If you live in a private home, find a suitable ladder nearby.Every day you have to climb no less than 10 floors, and come d
own.Perhaps the first time on the tenth floor you will climb, moving the legs with his hands.Move the breath and go.Gradually you will be able to pick up the pace.Along with the growth rate will disappear and the hated fat on the thighs.
Lie on your stomach, arms can be folded under the chest and slightly lift the upper body.By turns slowly lift straight legs as high as possible.You should feel the tension in the entire back surface of the calf to the gluteal muscles.Perform as many repetitions as you can.
Lie on your right side, the upper part of the body is raised, resting on the elbow of the same name.Lift left leg straight up as high as possible.Then lower down, but do not touch the second leg.You have to make slow swings straight leg until you get tired.Then flip over and change the pace.
Get on all fours.Rely on your knees and hands.Keep your back straight.Lift the leg bent at the knee at a right angle to the body.In the right point, straighten your leg, stay on the two bills and do all the movement in the reverse order.The maximum number of lifts one leg, then switch legs.Note that you can not perform this exercise, alternating legs each rise.You must achieve absolute muscle fatigue to one foot, and then begin to work through the other thigh.
If you plan to use for drying hips bike, do not place a high intensity.Get rid of the excess volume in the hips will only prolonged monotonous work at the lowest level of resistance.