Given the fact that from a sedentary lifestyle gluteus loses elasticity and sag, one of the most important exercises are squats.Before the start of training will learn how to perform basic squat, which is the basis of many of the exercises.To do this, stand in a pose as if you sit down on a chair.The thighs should be parallel to the floor and knees clearly over the toe.Feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly turned out.
making support on the heel, begin to squat.At the same time your palms must be on the back of his head and his shoulders straightened and laid back and down.The loin is no flex.Having mastered the conventional sit-ups, you can safely proceed to such exercises as the "heel-toe", "knee shaft", "rocket", etc.Exercise
"toe-heel" is as follows: feet wider than shoulders, toes out, hands on hips.Tear off the heel from the floor and lower them back to the floor.This exercise should be repeated 10-12 times.
Ā«knee shaft" - feet shoulder width apart, hands behind neck.Lift your left knee up on a diagonal with the right elbow.Elbow Adjacent to the knee.Next, perform the basic sit-ups, then change leg.Repeat this exercise 10-12 times."Rocket" - like "swallow" the main squats.Also performed 10-12 times.
To increase muscle on the buttocks, should be made to force exercises.There are several basic exercises that are recommended to perform 6-10 times in 1-4 approaches.For such an exercise is given time to rest for 2-5 minutes.One of the most popular exercises in the gym is to perform squats with a barbell.Start with a light weight, gradually increasing the load.
But the most effective exercises for the buttocks are considered attacks.For this type of workout grab a dumbbell and step forward.Then, bending his knee, lean on it, and start slowly squat.This hands extended forward with dumbbells.Make a push and return to the starting position.Intensely performing these exercises regularly visiting the gym, in a month you will notice that your buttocks are more toned and attractive.