To begin with, the most banal, but at the same time spectacular occupation - squats.Start standing with the five times a day, this is best done in the morning.Squat is every day, adding first five sit-ups, three day- two, and then, depending on your desire and endurance.But in any case, do not lower the bar: "Yesterday I made (a) thirty, nothing terrible will happen if today do twenty-five."It should be kept at least at some level.
next step - run.Runs include just not worth it, they can take a week since the beginning of squats.Run the best or in the morning (while not too hot), or in the evening.It is advisable to engage in jogging near the water
- it will help you to save your breath and just add some zest to your occupation.Again, do not just load yourself - you should start with a ten minute jog trot, and only then to add time and even make small leaps.Run every day Optional: though it will accelerate the process of getting rid of fat, but it can get bored, and the need to save time.
should also not forget about stretching.Stretching - a necessary element of beautiful legs.To get started, try to stretch until the legs begin to ache, and ye abide in this position ten seconds.The next time is to increase the stretch, even suffer pain, but also patience and time increased to fifteen seconds.It is worth trying to do the splits on the left foot, the right, the cross, etc.
And one, too banal, but also an important thing: food.It is not necessary to load a diet that can actually make matters worse.Diet A decision against nature, because every person need to eat properly.But do not go too far, namely abuse of fatty foods, fast food and other reagents, after which fat is not something that is on your feet, and the whole body can occur.
Well, of course, when you have free time, do not sit on a chair pants - on your feet more beautiful than this will not be.You can help nature trips, cycling, walking the dog or just walk down the street.The more you go - the faster burn fat.And walk in the fresh air is also nice.