Stand up straight, feet together, hands on his belt.On the inhale lunged to the left, and pruzhinte up - down at least 30 seconds.Exhale again connect the legs together.On the inhale lunged right pruzhinte the same amount of time.Rest 1 minute and take another approach to 2 in both directions.
starting position does not change.Exhale lunged forward, lower groin as low as possible.On the inhale, return to the starting position.Repeat the lunge left foot.Make exercise 20 times with each leg.
Stand near a wall with the right side, stick for her hand, left hand put on the belt.Do swings back and forth left foot for 3 minutes.Turn to the left side wall and repeat mahi right foot.Turn to face the wall and do the mahi each leg in t
urn to the left - right.
Kneel, hands rest against the floor under your shoulders.On the inhale, lift bent at the knee right foot, take her aside and do springing movement up - down 1 minute.Make exercise on the left leg.
Kneeling, fall on the forearm hands.Take back the right foot, while inhaling lift it up as much as possible, with an exhalation, lower, but do not touch the floor.Make 20 lifts.Repeat on the left leg.
Lie on your back, bend your knees, place the heel near the buttocks.On the inhale lift your hips up as high as possible.Do sprung downward movement - up 2 minutes.Then lie down on the floor and tighten the knees to the chest, back and relax your thighs and buttocks.
Lie on your left side, lean on his elbow, his right hand placed on the floor in front of him.Lift the right leg up, while pulling the sock, creating tension in the muscles of the thigh and drumstick.Make 20 lifts.Repeat on the left leg.
Include exercise or perform in their spare time jumping rope, running on rough terrain, the stairs.Additional load will help you quickly make a shapely thigh.