The younger the body, the muscles grow faster.The maximum rate of growth of muscle mass can be achieved in 13-20 years, when the body is growing the fastest.
big role here given to athlete nutrition, asbuilding material for muscles of the body can absorb only through food, which should be rich in proteins and calories.Meals should be divided into 4-5 times a day and eat small portions.In a balanced diet can achieve maximum results in growth rate.
first 6 months of training the muscles undergo a period of adaptation to high loads.At this point, the fastest growth of the mass.During the first year it is possible to achieve a gain of 2-3 kilograms of "pure" muscle weight.In the future, the rate of falls significantly, and
training are beginning to demand more effort and time.
For the first 3 years an athlete can gain about 20% of muscle mass compared to the original weight, ie,when grown in 180 cm and weighing 80 kg, for 3 years can "grow" at 10-15 kg.The volume of the chest muscles can increase by 10-15 cm, and the biceps approximately 3-5 cm. After five years of training weight increases to 30%, excluding the fat tissue.
worth remembering that muscles grow best in a period of rest.It is not necessary to conduct exhausting workout, after which you will feel just tired.It should alternate between exercise and rest.Between the training needed to break was approximately 1-3 days, depending on the state of health.The minimum amount of sleep during the loading of 7-8 hours.