wrong to think that if you want to remove fat deposits, located inside the abdomen and over the muscles of the abdominal cavity, it is necessary to strengthen the load in this area.As the medical research, shaking his press half an hour, you strengthen the muscles of the abdomen , but at the same time losing only 0.1 grams of fat.Aerobic exercise , carried out during the same time will allow you to lose 15 grams of fat.
choosing a set of exercises for weight loss belly , be sure to include it is aerobic exercise .They allow you to distribute the load o
n all the muscles in the body and increase the oxygen content in the blood, which helps to efficiently burn both internal and external fat.Note that visceral (internal) fat will be burned faster, so the first time after the start of regular exercise, you may not notice any external effect.After a while, begin to reduce the volume and subcutaneous fat.
And, of course, your exercise program should always enter those that will help strengthen the muscles of the abdomen .This will allow them to become more resilient, better support internal organs, so the stomach will no longer "hang loose."The anterior abdominal wall muscles comprise a series: straight, transverse and oblique.In order to strengthen the rectus turn into a complex exercise , which is necessary to raise the legs and pelvis in the supine position or sitting on the floor.
transverse elasticity of the muscles encircling the stomach, largely determines its shape.To strengthen it need to perform exercises , from which the abdominal wall is drawn.Starting position in such exercises 's - lying on your back or on all fours.
Beautiful flat stomach emphasize a small waist.Therefore, be sure to exercise , allowing to develop and increase the flexibility of the spine.