you need
  • - Camera;
  • - training program;
  • - knowledge of the type of figure.
Define the problem of the figure.Just looking at myself in the mirror, you can not do it.Have someone take a picture of you in a full-length in a swimsuit or swimming trunks.Stay calm, do not draw the belly and do not lift the shoulders.Take four pictures: front, back, left and right.Put them in a row and take a closer look.In these pictures we see immediately where you have excess body fat, which, on the contrary, you need to add muscle size and clearly visible postural problems.
To increase muscle mass, you need to combine high-protein diet with intense workouts.Protein is requi
red for construction of the muscle fibers.High intensity exercise is meant to work in the gym with more weight.Do the exercises aimed at developing specific muscle groups.Try to work with the greatest possible weight, while the number of repetitions should be 5-8 in two or three approaches.Be sure to make a break between training days for the muscles time to recover.
If you need to dry muscle mass, work with small weights, but a very large number of approaches.To reduce the amount of muscle mass, preventing its replacement by adipose tissue, it is much more difficult than to build.To dry a specific muscle, you have to do 100-200 repetitions with little or no complication.
get rid of excess fat only by means of cardio.The best option would be to run.Alternate interval training to run at a moderate pace.Interval running does not just fat burning process more active, it also increases the volume of the calf muscles.Slow Running over time contributes to drying figure.
imbalances If your figure is not caused by the presence or absence of muscle and skeletal features, you have to not to remove too much, but rather to add.For example, if you have wide hips but narrow and sloping shoulders, you have to make the basis of his training exercises designed to increase muscle mass in the upper body.Trying to lose weight in the hips does not lead to success.
If you have a wide waist, and hips are equal to the width of the shoulders or a little already, do not try to do the exercises for the waist such as side bends with weights.Such loading will lead to an increase in muscle mass and to make the waist more broad.Work on the back, shoulders and buttocks.Increasing the surrounding muscles to the extent you make visually waist thinner.
Beautiful posture is mandatory for any body type.Therefore exercises for the muscles bark must be present in your training program.