Think, for what purpose you want to train with weights.Maybe you want to gain muscle mass.To do this, over time, you'll need a large dumbbell weights.If you want to get tough, muscle definition, or just lose weight and bring the body in good shape, then it will be enough to train with dumbbells small and small scales.
Go to exercises with dumbbells only after the warm-up: carefully heat the target all the muscles through the circular swings his arms, torso turns, jumps on the spot, etc.Select to start a small dumbbell weight (usually indicated on the side in kilograms).If you need to attach weights to the dumbbells separately, be sure to fix their locks.
Learn how to perform the bench press and dumbbell lying wiring to train the chest muscles.Take dumbbells and
sit on the horizontal bar.Carefully lower the body back, holding a dumbbell in front of him.Spread them apart and start to perform bench top.Raise the dumbbells to full extension of the arms and lower your line just below the shoulders.Perform wiring in hand, having closed the dumbbells in front of him, then slowly taking them apart.
Take the dumbbells with the desired weight, stand up straight (it is desirable that there was a mirror in front of you), put his feet at shoulder level or slightly wider.Begin to perform upgrades on a biceps, bending arms at the elbows and lowering them down to full extension.Elbows should be close to the body.Next, take a dumbbell in both hands (you can slightly increase the weight), lift his head and begin to lower it down by bending your elbows.Try to keep your elbows parallel to the body.This exercise trains the triceps fine.
Perform exercises deltoids.Take two dumbbells lightweight.Stand up straight, reduce the dumbbells in front of you at waist level.Start slowly raises his arms in hand, to the line of the shoulders, then lower to the starting position.This exercise trains the medium beam deltas.To strengthen the front beam to raise the dumbbells in front of you need to have (you can turn).To exercise the rear beam, spread his legs wider, lean forward and plant the dumbbells to the sides of this situation.