you need
  • - mat;
  • - horizontal boards;
  • - fitness.
Train with effort.At first, perform abdominal exercises no more than 2-3 times a week.Many believe that they can exercise this part of the body, a little relaxed rocking on board.This is not so.Each approach needs to take place with the maximum voltage in the final phase.Do not loosen for a second abdominal muscles.This will ensure maximum benefit from the training.
Perform various climbs the trunk.In total, there are three different types.In all cases, you'll need a small rug or mat.Put it on the floor and lay down on his back and put your feet on a horizontal surface.Cross your hands behind your head.Lift up the body until it touches the knees.
Put your hands on your chest and again take the position of lying on the ma
t.At this time, bend at the knees, they must be straight.Slowly lift the body to breath and lower it on the exhale.
do a reverse curl.This is the third type of lifting the body that you should include in the program of pumping media.Again, place your hands behind your head, lay down on the mat and bend your legs at the knees.Trays are so close to the breast as soon as possible.This exercise will allow you to carefully consider all the tiny abdominal muscles.
Include in your exercise program on the obliques.Lie on your back, raise your legs up so that the soles were directed at the ceiling.The palms push to the floor.Keep both feet together and drop them almost entirely to the left side.Move slowly into the middle of traffic and hold for a few seconds on the right side.Do this at least 10 times on each side.
Keep the muscles to good rest between training sessions.Despite the best efforts of all, we should not overdo it, and bring to the back pain, for example.It is very common for all athletes.Do not let joint pain.