you need
  • - bench for hyperextension;
  • - gymnastic mat.
include in its training exercises for the back.Often bulging belly is the result not of weak abdominal muscles, and weak back muscles and lower back.
Take proper position for a hyperextension bench, Roller should serve as a support for the thigh near the groin, ankle firmly fix and heels uprites platform.Hands push to the sides of the neck or temples.Slowly lower the body, bending at the hips, and then return to starting position.Do not bend too far back, it will not make the exercise more effective, but add strain on lumbar interverte
bral disc.
Lie on your back, hands behind her head.You can wear ankle weights.Lift the shoulders and legs slightly bent at the knees and lift to the lower leg parallel to the floor.Pull your knees to your chest, lifting the pelvis as possible.The movement should occur at the expense of the muscles of the lower press.Slowly go back, but do not lower your feet on the floor.Repeat 13-15 times.Do three sets, resting between them on a minute.
Lie on your back on a gym mat.Lift the arms and legs straight.Slowly drag your fingers to the toes, pause briefly, and lower the body on the mat.In this exercise, you will work further back of the thighs and buttocks.
Aerobic training required for any quantities of fat.The only way to leave the fat cells without resorting to liposuction.No stress in the gym can not replace a half-hour jog.Trainers will provide you with muscle growth, adipose tissue but they do not bother.If you want to part with the bulging tummy, I run three times a week for at least half an hour at a moderate pace.
Eat small portions.Especially harmful load for the night.Happy muscles are toned, and a full stomach held in the bounds of decency.At night, when the whole body is relaxed, your abdominal muscles are stretched under the weight eaten and remain in this position for a long time.In addition, fractional meal allows nutrients to be absorbed immediately and completely, and not to settle in the form of fat.