you need
  • - barbell or dumbbells;
  • - rope;
  • - a clear plan of activities;
  • - consultation with a fitness instructor.
Start with working with low weight, regardless of your shape.Thin plump you or vice versa, trying to work with a large weight in the beginning of the occupation fraught with injury and simply dangerous for the joints.
Choose exercises that are working on the maximum number of muscle groups at a time.First of all it squats.They are both loaded muscles thighs, calves and buttocks.The upper link on the block simulator will develop your shoulders, arms and back.Chest Press allows to work the pectoral muscles
.Exercises for the press made without encumbrances.
Note that high reps with low weight "will dry┬╗ muscle , and two or three reps with more weight - increase muscle mass.
use to work on your body the same exercises as the men simply reduce the number of approaches and operating weight.The desired number of repetitions of average weight - 8-10.Do not make more than three approaches.
breaks between sets for the first time should be two minutes, with an increase in muscle mass prune them.During the rest is better not to sit.Walk, stretch your muscles warmed .This will increase the effectiveness of your workout.
Do not forget about the right beginning of the training.Before training on simulators, warm-up is a must.It is best to work out 5-10 minutes to the running simulator or jump rope.Jumping rope will strengthen the hand of your hands.It is useful to firmly hold the neck of the bar or the crossbar.
At the end of the training required to do the stretching.So you calm your heart rate and reduce muscle delayed onset muscle soreness.
not limit the amount of protein in the diet food.The body needs to build muscle protein.It is better to give up fatty and sweet foods.But do not hesitate to eat ice cream after a workout.It settles on your waist, on the contrary will be completely consumed by your body to build muscle mass.