First you need to say a few words about the process of training, aimed at weight loss.In order to give them the best results, classes should last at least 1 hour, because the fat burning process started only after 30-40 minutes after the start of exercise.Training should be carried out with the maximum intensity for the best calorie burning.Breaks between sessions should not exceed one day.To increase the intensity of training should be gradual, starting with the minimum load.

Aerobic exercises are the most effective for weight loss.These include any physical activity moderate or low intensity performed for a long time and requires considerable stamina.Under these loads are more loaded respiratory and cardiovascular systems.For aerobic exercise include walking, jogging, c
ycling, dancing, skating, etc.

Besides aerobic exercise in each workout to be present and strength exercises.Their set will depend on the areas that you would like to work out at first.

most effective exercise for weight loss in the abdominal area are twisting the torso and leg lifts.To perform twists necessary to lie on your back on the floor, legs throw on some elevation so that the angle between the tibia and femur is 90 degrees.Then, with his hands behind his head, you pull the body to the hips.Perform twisting needed 30-50 reps for 3 sets.If you feel that the exercise is given too easily, you can pick up a small load.

for getting rid of extra folds on the sides you can perform side bends.For this exercise you will need a dumbbell.It is necessary to take in one hand.Second hand need to lay his head, put his feet shoulder width apart.You will then tilt to one side.Dumbbell should slide on the hip, as if to pull you down.Then you need to straighten and bend in the opposite direction.Thus should make 15-30 repetitions.Then you need to take a dumbbell in the other hand and do the exercise on the second side.Total must perform 3-5 approaches on each side.In addition to the training of the press and the lateral muscles copes gymnastic hoop.Turn it can be as long as you want.

There is a lot of exercise to lose weight in the hips.Perform they need with the help of the weighting fixed on the ankle or with special elastic cord.You can work through turn back, front, inner and outer sides.Each exercise is performed for 15-20 reps.

for pumping buttocks most effective exercise can be called attacks.It is best to do them, picking up a dumbbell.Starting position - standing, feet together.At first, you just need to make a step the right foot forward, left foot must be knee touch the floor.Then you need to push and get to the starting position.Then repeat the lunge left foot.On each leg must make 15-20 repetitions.

for the development of the hand muscles can perform lifts dumbbells for biceps, triceps, dilution in hand, as well as variations of these movements.

Generally there are plenty of effective exercises for weight loss.To describe them all in one article, there is no way.The only thing I would advise: change a set of exercises once a month and a half.This is to ensure that the body does not have time to adapt to the load.The addiction leads to a significant reduction in the effectiveness of training.