you need
  • - gymnastic mat;
  • - dumbbells.
Spread gymnastic mat, lie on your back, take a dumbbell and stretch your arms in front of him, with a little bend them at the elbows.Breathe in and out in a very slow pace begin to breed hand in hand, until you feel that your elbows touch the floor.Then, as you exhale, return the arms to the starting position.Do this 15-20 times.
down on all fours, set up the hands and lean on your fingers, so that they looked forward.Pull the legs back and lean on his fingers.Wrists should be strictly under the shoulder joints and the body was straight and smooth.Bend your elbows and spread them apart.Start push-ups.When push-ups, make sure tha
t the blades do not touch that, do not lower my head and not the stomach sag.Do 15-20 pushups.
Get on all fours.Take a dumbbell in your right hand, lean on his left arm so that it was under the shoulder joint.The palm of the left hand support should look forward, fingers wide apart.Bend the left leg at the knee and the right pull back and straighten.Tighten your abs and lift your hips so that your whole body is stretched out in a straight line.The right hand with a dumbbell and lower down, expand the palm.Then, without changing the position of the body, start at a slow pace to raise your right hand through the side up, on top of the point to lock the arm two or three seconds and slowly lower.Take 6-8 times and change direction.
Lie on the mat face down and fully pull out the body in a straight line, so that gender concerns even the upper surface of the foot.Rest hands on the floor (the location of the hands under the shoulders), push your elbows to the body.Slowly lift your body, sit on your heels and cat-like stretch his arms forward.Lock body in this position for several seconds and then return to its original position.Make exercise 8-10 times.
down on all fours, straighten your arms and lean palms to the floor, fingers pointing forward.The pelvis and hips fail down to the floor, the legs remain straight, the main load is distributed on the hand.Drag up the crown, drop shoulders down and pull back.Fix this position for a minute, then return to starting position.Repeat 3 times.
Lie on your back, straighten your legs and pull your hands behind your head.Pull the hands and feet for 30 seconds along the floor as far as possible from him.Then, bend your knees, hug their hands and keep your chest.Make sure to head and thorax fixed on the floor.Fix this position for a few seconds and return to starting position.Repeat 5-6 times.