you need
  • - tough footwear;
  • - sports uniforms;
  • - heavy athletics belt;
  • - wristbands.
Make for yourself a set of exercises that act on specific muscle groups such as squats for the thighs and pelvic muscles.It will help you not only to pump the muscles, but also to strengthen the tendon knee and hip joints.
Put the bar with pancakes on a support inside of the rack.Make it so that it is placed on the upper part of your back.Place racks so that they are not too high or low relative to the head.Also, try to set them to perform only half squat.Attach the security locks on each side of the bar.
Put an additional 1/2 of the weight you use for conventional squat.For example, if you squat with 100 kg, do yourself a barbell 150 kg.
Wear heavy athletics belt and wrist to wrist.Grasp the bar with both hands, squeezing them fully into fists.Place the shell on the back, just below the top.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Make crouch with the established weight.Ask a coach or assistant to insure you and say when the angle between the femur and tibia will be slightly greater than 90 degrees.
Stand with a barbell on your shoulders, returning to the starting position.This will crouch.Thus, do not less than 5 times in 4-5 approaches.Rest 5 minutes between each set, to restore muscles and breathing.
Train also other tendons, using the method in the squat.Exercising tendon shoulder and elbow to the pole, making up polusgiby outstretched hands.For that you also need a rack mount.Take at least 8 times in each of the 4 sets.Permanently increase the weight on the approach to the approach.
make partial repetition in the deadlift and bench press.The mechanism is the same.Place the operating weight multiplied by 1.5, and follow only half reps.Increase operating weight each workout.Using this approach, you will begin to pump the tendon at an incredible rate!