For a comprehensive body workout is necessary to pay attention to the development of physical qualities - strength, flexibility, agility, endurance and speed.Some physical qualities will prevail in your preparation, and some - to keep up.Predisposition to the development of physical abilities inherent in human genetics.One is given a better development of strength and speed, and the other - endurance.Determine by means of tests, what do you do well, and give preference to those sports and exercise that you are the best.
Make a training plan and determine which days you will be required to develop physical qualities.It is not necessary one day to train strength and stamina.Well combined i
n one class exercises to develop strength and flexibility, agility and quickness.Speed ​​and agility training more easily in the first part of the session.Against the background of fatigue can develop power and speed endurance, passive flexibility.Your training plan may be as follows: Monday, Wednesday - strength training and flexibility, Tuesday, Thursday - agility and quickness, Friday - the development of endurance.
you want to have more muscle definition?Then you should focus on making classes in sports such as powerlifting, weightlifting and bodybuilding.They will help to increase the weight, volume and muscle strength.It is especially effective for training body weightlifting.Sudden, explosive movements makes serious demands on the human body.In weightlifting, along with the power train speed, agility, flexibility, shoulder and legs.
Almost all types of training includes classes in martial arts: karate, kigboksingom, melee combat, and other Wushu Sanda.In martial arts training not only the body but also the spirit.The body becomes less sensitive to the pain and the spirit - more stable and aimed at overcoming the difficulties, both in sports and in everyday life.