you need
  • sports uniforms, place for jogging and physical exercises, expander, patience and confidence.
Forget hard dietah.Osnovnoy cause of fat on waist is the wrong diet.Even small amounts of starchy foods cause fat deposits throughout the body, especially in the lower back.But to get rid of the source of the trouble does not mean getting rid of its consequences.In no case should not sit on the most sophisticated diet, as in this case there is the risk of harm to their health, but can not get rid of fat on the waist .Yet small changes in diet have to do, by removing from it the products that prevent quick lead muscle tone.
not neglect physical exercise.The first of two effective and safe ways to
remove fat from the waist is a series of physical exercises aimed at strengthening and developing the muscles of the back and abdomen.Advantages of this method, of course, include the ability to cope with the task as soon as possible, consolidate the achieved results.But at the same time, if improperly performed exercises there is little likelihood of damage to the muscles, which not only helps to burn fat, but also slow down the achievement of the goal for a few days (and maybe more).
Engage in intense begom.Vtorym trouble-free way to remove fat from the loin is considered to be running.Careful compliance training schedule fat evaporated before our eyes, and not only in the area of ​​the waist, but also in other parts of the body.General physical endurance grows significantly, and the legs are slender and slightly muscular, underlining them.The downside is that it is extremely difficult to force myself to run the necessary number of kilometers, not sparing a loved one and do not go home.In addition, if a run will take place, for example, in the city park, there is the likelihood of trouble, such as aggressive stray dogs.