you need
  • mat classes, sports uniforms, exercise bike or treadmill, cosmetics for the body, time and place to study, rhythmic music.
workout.Remember the lessons of physical education at school.If you have a treadmill or an exercise bike, you pay them for 10-15 minutes to heat up.Do not forget to include energetic music to set the mood.
now within 5 minutes of running, raising his knees.It must be that the palms of your hands, bent at the elbow at an angle of 45 degrees, you should touch the knees rising.This is one of the most simple and effective exercises.
then go into a crouc
h and move in single file, holding the balance.This position must spend approximately 3 minutes.
respite.Sit down on the floor, legs straight, lie on the surface, his hands on his belt.Now, lift the body and pelvis alternately moving left hip forward, then right.From the outside it looks like you're driving around with the help of the "fifth point".
get up.A few deep breaths.Make Mahi straight legs.To swing the left leg like a pendulum, high lift it up, and then the maximum retraction.If it is difficult to keep your balance, use a chair or corner of a wall, a little helping hand himself.15 swings one leg 15 swings - other.
original standing position, hands on the belt with your feet together.Perform squats, keeping the feet from the surface, the back should remain straight.2 sets of 10 times.
following exercise - lunges forward.The hands remain on the belt with your feet together.Lunges forward with his left foot to the position of the right angle at the knee, right leg straight, the muscles are stretched, rest against the toe.To perform 15 lunges with one foot, then - another.
Kneel, hands outstretched, or are on the belt.Transfer the weight to the left side and lower basin hips , outstretched arms help keep balance, so drained slightly to the right.Return to the starting position and sit down at once to the right and, therefore, turn to the left hand.Exercise repeat 10 squats on each side.
Now lie on your back, pull in attention and pull muscles.Once put your hands along the body, the legs bend at the knees and slightly dilute.Lift the hips up, tighten the buttocks, stay in this position a few seconds and falls to the floor.Perform 2 sets of 10 times.
From the previous position, lift and straighten both legs perpendicular to the floor.On two accounts dilute straight legs apart, four bills - slowly arch.You can try 2 sets of 20 raz.Podnimetes again, take a few deep breaths.Exercises completed.