Go examination by a doctor.Before you start the course with weights, you need to find out exactly whether you have contraindications.On this will depend largely on schedule, quantity and quality of exercise.It is not recommended to raise the bar, if you have back problems exists, joints or the cardiovascular system.If you have all these aspects in order, go to the next step.
Join a gym.You can not get the perfect body half a year or even later, if you only deal on the bar or the bar.You definitely need to lift heavy weights on the blocks and shells.So purchase a subscription for 1 month for 3 sessions per week.On Monday, perform squats with a barbell, leg presses, pull the block by the shoulders and chest.Each exercise is performed with maximum effort
10 times in each of the 5 approaches.If you allow the forces, was added several kilograms to the weight of the projectile.
Train your chest and biceps.On Wednesday, take it a basis for the following exercises for these muscle groups: bench press on an incline bench, dumbbells in hand wiring, lifting barbells on a bench Scott and alternating dumbbell bending at the elbows.Principle remains the same as in the leveling arms and chest.Remember that the break between sets should not be more than three minutes.
working muscles of the back and triceps.Finally, on Friday, do deadlifts, bending with the stamp and the French bench.Make sure that when the first exercise back was straight to the final and initial phases.The number of sets - 5 repetitions - 8-10, depending on the weight.The latter should grow in proportion to the personal dimensions.
Make yourself a high-calorie diet.It is not enough to perform the above complex to form a beautiful body, because the muscles need a special protein diet.The best food for a set of muscle mass: chicken, beef, buckwheat, fish, cheese, milk, bananas, any vegetables.Break their diet 5 methods every 3.5 hours.All this will help the muscles receive an anabolic effect on growth.