Without strenuous exercise a flat stomach, we promise to manufacturers of various devices, as well as the owners of massage parlors and spa-centers.You can use their services, but the cost of such pleasure can overshadow the pleasure to have a flat stomach.
To remove excess skin with belly , should be applied exercise.But here you are waiting for dirty tricks.You can every day to do abdominal exercises, constantly increasing the load, but the stomach will still be flabby.The reason is that your beautiful press simply hidden under a layer of fat.And to get a flat stomach, you need to achieve two objectives: to minimize body fat in the abdomen and bleeding stomach muscles .
All exercises should be done in the morning on an
empty stomach, then they will be most effective.
proceed directly to the exercises.
Take the supine position, bend your legs at the knees and lift your toes off the floor, put his hands behind his head.On the exhale, lift your upper body so that the shoulder blades off the floor for a couple of centimeters.On the inhale, return to the starting position.
Take a prone position, place your hands behind your head, bend your legs at the knees, the feet bend utjuzhkom.On the exhale, unbend feet and takes them away from you, with the monitor, so that they remain parallel to the floor.On the inhale, return to the starting position.
Take the situation as in the previous two exercises.On the exhale, stretch the right elbow to the left knee, exhale return to its original position.Then the left elbow to right knee.When doing this exercise, make sure that curling effort was carried out only belly .
performing these exercises every day for 20-25 times, soon you will get your desired flat tummy.Good luck!