Do the exercises 1 hour after edy.Sognite body in the hip joints at right angles.Abut hands on her hips.On the inhale inflate the abdomen, exhale retract.Do not hurry, a few slopes povtorov.Vypolnyayte strictly in hand with a dumbbell of 1.5 kilograms.Stand with your feet shoulder width, arm raised toward the slope and over.Repeat 20 times in each direction.Exercise is aimed at developing the oblique abdominal muscles.Lie on the floor, lift your legs at an angle of 90 degrees, rotate them as if riding a bicycle.Omitting feet below, near the floor, you will increase the load on the muscles of the lower abdomen.Repeat 15 - 30 times.Increase load slowly, or pain beat off desire to engage each den.Podnimayte housing body from a prone position on his bac
k with his hands behind his head.Perform each exercise slowly.So you will achieve greater effect than, rising in spurts.Loins press to the floor, this can bend your knees.Exercise is aimed at training the upper abdominal muscles.
Rub the area warming fat cream or means for burning fat.Wrap the foil.This thermal effect contributes to the rapid disposal of tabs on the sides .You can apply the wrap when performing complex.
Spread honey trouble spots.Apply and take off the palm up until the honey will not slip into the hands and turns white.The procedure is painful, but effective.Use instead of honey, sea salt, or a mixture of vegetable oil and sugar.The procedures act as peeling.Attend a bath, which will increase the effect of massage.
Revise your eating patterns.Avoid fatty foods, muffins, pastries.Replace animal fats with vegetable.Carbonated water causes bloating.Cabbage, peas and beans contribute to the fermentation in the gut.Salty foods holds fluid in the body.From these products should be abandoned.Eat foods high in fiber (vegetables, fruits) for regular cleaning of the intestine.Drink plenty of clean water.
Observe mode of the day.Get up and go to bed at the same time.Avoid stressful situations.So you will be able to achieve good results.Failure mode, emotional and psychological stress provoke us to high-calorie food intake, which is deposited in sides .